Aldelo Express / Retail Edge Software

Floor Plan ▪ Reservation  Wait List 
Aldelo Express is great for both table service and quick service operations. When used at table service restaurants, we support visual floor plans and table management, guest reservations and wait lists intuitively. Best of all, advanced features such as these are all free of charge.

Modifiers  Pizza  Complex Ordering 
Restaurant POS operations are mission critical and complex. Operations like modifiers, pizza ordering, and complex menus all increases staff training and lowers productivity. Aldelo Express helps simplify modifiers, pizza ordering and complex menus with a super easy ordering experience like no other.

Delivery  Mapping  Caller ID
Aldelo Express simplifies delivery service operations. Seamless integration to Caller ID, visual map integration built right into the app, driver dispatch control, and a host of other delivery features that enables a smooth delivery service experience.
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Full Featured Restaurant POS
▪  Table Service POS
▪  Quick Service POS
▪  Bar & Club POS
▪  Take Out POS
▪  Drive Thru POS
▪  Delivery POS
▪  Hostess Features
▪  Reservations & Wait Lists
▪  Customer Tracking
▪  Driver Dispatch
▪  Integrated Caller ID
▪  Integrated Maps
▪  Intuitive POS with Offline Abilities
▪  Split & Combine
▪  Seamless Payment Integrations
▪  Discount, Surcharges & Gratuity
▪  Time Clock & Scheduling
▪  Inventory, Recipes, and Much More...
* Inventory, Recipe, Purchase Order, Store Transfers, Serialized Tracking Coming Soon in 2019.
Fast and Efficient Ordering
Fast paced bars and clubs require fast paced order entry that can keep up with bartenders. Aldelo Express fast and efficient order entry enhances bar and club POS operations without hesitation. Ordering a double, triple, adding bar mixers, and much more all accomplished swiftly with Express.

Happy Hour Pricing 
Bars & clubs' happy hour operation with Aldelo Express is really a breeze. Simply enter your happy hour pricing into Express manager cloud, and pricing changes take effect immediately on all your iPad POS devices. Aldelo Express happy hour pricing supports automatic pricing based on day of week and time of day. Now bartenders can focus on creating rather than pricing the drinks.  
Bar Tabs Pre-Auth
Aldelo Express simplifies bar tabs by providing a smoother and more efficient bar tab pre-auth operation. Aldelo Express' bar tab pre-auth workflow just makes it natural and fast.

Full Featured Bars & Clubs POS
▪  Bar & Club POS
▪  Pub & Tavern POS
▪  Sports Bar POS
▪  Nightclub POS
▪  Bar & Grill POS
▪  Wine & Cigar Bar POS
▪  Bar Tabs
▪  Bar Tab Pre-Auth
▪  Happy Hour Pricing
▪  Item Count Down
▪  Global Pricing Updates
▪  ​​Faster Another Round Ordering
▪  Intuitive POS with Offline Abilities
▪  Split & Combine
▪  Seamless Payment Integrations
▪  Discount, Surcharges & Gratuity
▪  Time Clock & Scheduling
▪  ​​Inventory, Recipes, and Much More...
* Inventory, Recipe, Purchase Order, Store Transfers, Serialized Tracking Coming Soon in 2019.
Barcode and Manual Lookup a Breeze
Fast paced retail shops rely on barcode scanning and lookup when checking out, but sometimes they also need to manually lookup items. Aldelo Express enables both fast barcode scanning and lookup, while supporting efficient item lookup when needed. We don't make your clerk memorize thousands of SKU codes for lookup purposes, Aldelo Express intuitively utilizes both barcode and touch to deliver a retail checkout experience like no other.

  Inventory  Serialized Tracking
Retail shop inventory management requires a deeper level of detail, and Aldelo Express delivers that detail with simplicity and efficiency. Setup matrix of items, manage inventories, vendors, serialized item tracking, recipes, batch recipes, physical counts, and much more with Aldelo Express. We make inventory management experience welcomed rather than feared.

PO  Transfers  Search
Aldelo Express further enhances inventory management with advanced purchase order tracking, vendor pricing history comparative shopping, in-store and inter-store inventory transfer, as well as super fast search of all things inventory.

Full Featured Retail POS
▪  Retail Shop POS
▪  Corner Market POS
▪  Clothing Store POS
▪  Hardware Store POS
▪  Convenience Store POS
▪  General Retail POS
▪  Barcodes & SKU
▪  Kit & Tag Alongs
▪  Matrix Builders
▪  Mix Match Discounting
▪  Serialized Inventory Tracking
▪  Inter-Store Inventory Transfers
▪  Intuitive POS with Offline Abilities
▪  Barcode & Touch Based Checkout
▪  Seamless Payment Integrations 
▪  Discount & Surcharges
▪  Time Clock & Scheduling 
▪  Inventory, PO, and Much More...
* Inventory, Recipe, Purchase Order, Store Transfers, Serialized Tracking Coming Soon in 2019.
Easily Track Sales & Services
Aldelo Express can also enable better POS operations for service shops such as hair salons, nail spas, day spas, field sales reps, repair service reps, and more. Easily and effortlessly track sales orders all without training.

Customer Insights Effortlessly Achieved
Service shops need to know about its customers and Aldelo Express enables this insight effortlessly. Clarity into a customer's information, past purchase history, customer's interests and notes, as well as customer cases all tracked naturally in a clear and concise manner.

Simplified Appointments & POS
A successful service business often times utilize appointments to ensure customer satisfaction and quality of service. Aldelo Express comes with built-in appointment tracking as well as wait listing capabilities, seamlessly integrated to our POS operations. Aldelo Express helps simplify and streamline service shops' appointment and POS needs like no other.

Full Featured Service Shop POS
▪  Hair Salon POS
▪  Nail Spa POS
▪  Day Spa POS
▪  Dry Cleaner POS
▪  Repair Shop POS
▪  ​​Field Service POS
▪  Track Sales with No Training
▪  Appointments & Wait Lists
▪  Customer Profiles & History
▪  Barcodes & SKU Support
▪  Customizable Products & Services
▪  In-Store or On-the-Go Mobility
▪  Intuitive POS with Offline Abilities 
▪  Seamless Payment Integrations 
▪  Discount & Surcharges
▪  Service Gratuity Support
▪  Time Clock & Scheduling 
▪  ​​Inventory, PO, and Much More...
* Inventory, Recipe, Purchase Order, Store Transfers, Serialized Tracking Coming Soon in 2019.
Even More Features Waiting To Be Discovered!

Retail Edge Feature Rich POS


RetailEdge POS has many options and functions to match your retail business’ needs and help lower your business costs. RetailEdge is able to function as an all-in-one system to manage your retail environment. All features are included in the RetailEdge software for just $495unlike other POS software systems. With RetailEdge POS you have the tools you need to run your business, add and change your business as the market dictates and successfully grow your business from one to multiple stores.


Sales features

Features to process and manage sales and customers quickly

Customer Management

Customer Management

Powerful tools to display and track customer sales history, manage customer lists and develop customer loyalty


Inventory management

Quickly manage and analyze your inventory with a multitude of powerful reports



Mobile POS

Mobile solutions to sell anytime, anywhere even when disconnected from the Internet



Grow your single location business to multiple locations with RECON data synchronization


Web integration

Integrate your business with the web for real-time order processing and item management


credit card processing

Credit card processing

Choose your credit card processor to get the best rates and minimize on-going expenses


Flexible POS Equipment

Works with the various types of POS peripheral equipment to enhance your business’ style


Discount rules

Powerful discount rules to fit your pricing strategy and meet your sales objectives



Quickbooks data transfer

Move your RetailEdge deposit information


iPhone, iPad and Android apps

Retrieve information about your store from your iPhone or iPad



Platform that allows you to integrate external services with RetailEdge


Secure POS Data

Local data storage

Data is stored locally on your device where it is secure and available when disconnected

Worldwide POS Solutions

Global company

Global solution for international retailers who have varying taxations, currencies and policies